Ecoquip 2 EQs Dual Line 12 cuft Pot – Utility Trailer – 900 CFM Compressor


  • 24′ Utility Trailer 20,000 GVWR w/ Water Reserve & Tool Compartment
  • EQs Dual Line Vapor Blasting Sprayer w/ 12 cuft Pot
  • (2) 50′ Electric Blast Hoses
  • (2) #8 Blast Nozzles
  • 900 CFM Tier 4 Diesel Compressor
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Manufacturer Part Number: 2019-15604


Get your project up and running quickly with this high production machine!

EcoQuip EQs Dual Line turn key utility trailer complete with 900 CFM Diesel Compressor.   EQs features two outlets, large pressure pot and water tank capable of blasting up to four hours with two blasters at once.

  • One 12 cubic ft (340 L) blast pot – holds approximately (30) 55 lb (25 kg) bags of media
  • Single control box with simple user interface for easy control
  • (2) 50′ 1.25” Electric Blast Hose
  • (2) #8 Blast Nozzles

EcoQuip Works With a Variety of Abrasives

Media can be expensive, so you want a machine that uses the least amount possible to get the job done quickly while providing good control over water and media usage. EcoQuip 2 uses MediaTrak and an abrasive meter to quickly and easily set and monitor the abrasive consumption rate. MediaTraks®
user-friendly screen helps you set media flow to optimal levels for the most effective blast.  It tracks the pump cycle rate and keeps a grand total so you can schedule maintenance at regular intervals to ensure you always get the best performance from EcoQuip 2.  In addition, Graco’s EcoQuip 2 handles a range of media sizes from coarse to fine (12 – 150 grit), any media heavier than water, and one that won’t rust in the tank (i.e. steel shot). Below is an example of some common media types.

Compatible Abrasives: Garnet, Crushed Glass, Coal Slag, Glass Beads, Plastic, Walnut Shells, Baking Soda

Additional information

Weight 9999 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 85 × 76 in


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